Massaggio Linfodrenante Olistico Manuale Corpo Totale

Manual Holistic Lymph-Draining Total Body Massage

Massage treatment with a draining, detoxifying, diuretic and anti-stress action. Perfect and important integration in cellulite treatment programs and in cases of water retention. Through specifically designed progressions of vibrating massages and focused touches, the lymphatic system is stimulated, starting from the main lymph node stations in order to revive their natural activity.

Duration: 50 minutes

Remember to always go 5 minutes before the treatments in the relaxation room, to avoid mistakes or delays. During the treatments, follow the instructions of the staff for each movement. The reception is always available for any indication or clarification, as well as the establishment doctor if necessary. The duration of the treatments is reported only to allow the Customer to evaluate for how long he will be engaged in order to benefit from the chosen service; it is therefore not to be understood as the net time of the service.

65,00 €

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