Massaggio Posturale Miofasciale

Myofascial Postural Massage

Deep massage that acts directly on the entire body structure. Helps re-balance and alleviate body tensions induced by incorrect posture or movements. Through finger pressure and mobilizations performed in sequence on trigger points that unlock articular movements and loosen muscular rigidity, it allows recovering proper and complete balance and wellness and favours physiological re-alignment of the entire posture. In addition, through slow, deep motions, it acts on skin & muscle tone, and consequently has a beneficial effect on organs and on blood and lymph circulation, too.

Duration: 50 minutes

Remember to always go 5 minutes before the treatments in the relaxation room, to avoid mistakes or delays. During the treatments, follow the instructions of the staff for each movement. The reception is always available for any indication or clarification, as well as the establishment doctor if necessary. The duration of the treatments is reported only to allow the Customer to evaluate for how long he will be engaged in order to benefit from the chosen service; it is therefore not to be understood as the net time of the service.

70,00 €

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